Accurate and consistent control of office operations is essential for energy savings. This is possible through office automation. In the competitive market of today, efficient operation and scheduling are key factors in increasing system performance and achieving overall cost savings.

Over the past decade, office systems such as HVAC, fire and security have been transformed by innovations in software and electronics that have enabled automated control and central management. With the advent of digital lighting control, office lighting systems can now be controlled automatically and managed centrally like other building systems, providing significant savings of time, labour and money for owners and facility managers.

Office Automation has tangible benefits for employees and other occupants. A few of these are highlighted.
  • Comfort and productivity are optimized because building occupants set the amount of light in their office based on their particular needs.
  • Building occupants can interact with the lighting system through wall controls or a web-based interface on their computer.
  • Lighting can be pre-set in optimized “scenes” for multiple needs such as audio-visual presentations, meetings and computer work.

In addition, such automation can result in significant cost and other benefits. Some of these are highlighted.

  • A properly commissioned system can save up to 40% of lighting energy costs by automatically dimming and brightening lights in response to changing daylight levels in each room.
  • Lighting control is computerized like other building automation systems, enabling central management and system integration
  • When tenant needs change, lighting is reconfigured for new room layouts using software commands, without electricians or re-wiring.


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