An intelligent home that responds to the resident's needs and desires by adjusting lighting, temperature and ambient music has appeared in science fiction for much of the twentieth century. With the development of new electronic technologies and their integration with older, traditional building technologies, the intelligent home is at last becoming a real possibility.

The basic idea of home automation is to employ sensors and control systems to monitor and accordingly adjust the various mechanisms that provide lighting, HVAC, audio/video and other services. By closely tuning these systems to the resident’s needs, automated homes can provide a far safer, comfortable and economical abode. As an example, wall mounted sensors can determine whether the residents have gone to sleep and accordingly turn off the lights and lower the thermostat. Sensors could also be used to anticipate hot water usage and operation of the water heater. These are just some of the many incredible possibilities.

The Principal benefit of Smart Homes is enhanced security and safety. Sensors can detect gas and water leaks, smoke, and other abnormal conditions and the system can shut down the appropriate devices and trigger alarms.

A second benefit is convenience. Smart Home technology includes provision for power at several voltage levels, eliminating the need for numerous small power adapters at each appliance and can automatically control the temperature, humidity, and lighting in the dwelling on a room by room basis.

A third benefit is economy. Smart Home technology can adjust the power supplied to each appliance according to need. Occupancy sensors can turn on and off appliances based on presence of human beings in the room. Dimmers could be used to selectively dim lights and other devices which otherwise would be by default set to maximum voltage. These adjustments could result in significant reduction in utility running costs.

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